White Collar Crimes

Jim Gailey represents business clients in South Florida and nationwide facing criminal investigations and “white-collar” charges in state and Federal courts. He regularly advises clients targeted for grand jury investigation as well as individuals subpoenaed to appear as witnesses. We can protect you from prosecutorial overreaching, often obtaining immunity for you.

Corporation Internal Investigations and Criminal Defense of White Collar Crime. Today, the federal government has increased its focus on corporate crime. When faced with government investigation, large corporations are ever increasingly turning away from the so-called “mega-law firms” and opting instead for criminal defense specialists. Jim Gailey, as a former federal white collar prosecutor, and criminal defense lawyer has the experience to conduct internal investigations on behalf of a corporation and to provide the highest quality representation against government investigations and charges.

What large corporations are discovering is that the so-called “white collar defense attorneys” working in the large law firms charge enormous fees because of the enormous overhead that those firms are required to pay.

Public corporations are no longer interested in paying for the large law firm view or the art on their walls. They want the value paid in fees to be put into its representation, not into the lawyer’s amenities. In addition, when asked by the more savvy corporation counsel, these large firm white collar defense attorneys have to admit that they have little, if any, actual experience in representing white collar defendants at trial.

The early intervention of an experienced criminal defense attorney from James R. Gailey & Associates can often eliminate the stigma of criminal charges, allowing you to preserve your business, your freedom and your professional reputation.

When retained during the investigation stages of a case, we have been successful in showing the government where its theory is wrong thereby avoiding criminal charges being filed. In the event that criminal charges have been filed, our lawyers will often work directly with law enforcement officers and prosecutors to arrange a reasonable bond and resolve your case out of the public spotlight. Each case is different and past results are no guarantee in your case, but what remains the same is the dedication, creativity and perseverance by Jim Gailey and his team to obtain a just resolution of your case.

Florida criminal defense lawyer James R. Gailey can assist corporate clients and individuals in state and federal jurisdictions facing serious charges related to:

  • Stock Manipulation / Securities Fraud
  • Wire– Mail – Tax Fraud
  • Internet / Computer/ Gambling Crimes
  • Health Care Fraud Money Laundering & Racketeering (RICO) Violations
  • Identity Theft – Credit Card Fraud
  • Consumer Fraud – Counterfeit Goods
  • Embezzlement / Counterfeiting

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