Money Laundering and RICO

Money laundering and racketeering are popular charges for prosecutors seeking to initiate a grand jury investigation when other more substantive charges are unavailable. Originally, the “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act” (RICO) was developed specifically to address the activities organized crime. Now is it being used as a tool for broad and overreaching investigations by law enforcement against all types of organization, including gangs, drug traffickers and even legitimate businesses.

Increasingly, what many may think is an innocent business or personal relationship can result in serious criminal charges, including the loss of your company, home and reputation, prison term and substantial fines. If you are confronted with a grand jury investigation related to racketeering or money laundering activities, you need a criminal defense attorney from the law offices of James R. Gailey & Associates with the experience, skill and knowledge of applicable laws to satisfactorily protect your rights.

In many cases, money laundering and racketeering charges involve interstate and offshore interests, requiring an attorney able to represent you in other states. These charges can have a serious impact on immigration status and result in extradition proceedings for foreign nationals and U.S. citizens. By working with highly qualified immigration counsel assures you of the best possible outcome.

Dealing with the federal courts on a racketeering (RICO) or money laundering charge is not the same as facing charges in state court. The rules of procedure are different with federal courts and this requires a trial lawyer who knows the system and has the connections necessary to negotiate a satisfactory conclusion. Jim Gailey’s extensive experience as a federal prosecutor as well as he federal public defender uniquely qualifies him to work efficiently to protect your rights.

If you are being investigated by federal officials for money laundering or racketeering charges, or have been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury CONTACT the South Florida law offices of James R. Gailey & Associates immediately for a free consultation and review of your rights. Our attorneys will clearly explain your options and ensure that you understand the consequences of your decisions before proceedings with representation.

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